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90 minutes | HARD

Made by Request for UBC

You are stuck in the Marvel Universe - you need to help Nick Fury navigate and find the missing infinity stone(s). Are you up for the challenge?


60 minutes | Medium

You and your date(s) were at a fancy restuarant when you get thrown into a precarious hostage situation. Now it is up to you and your date(s) to escape the restaurant and still salvage your night. Best of luck!


60 minutes | Hard

Made by Request

SPOILER WARNING: Welcome to purgatory Jon Snow, it looks like you have reached your judgement before your time on the mortal realm was supposed to finish. The gods are inclined to give you another chance, but you must prove that you are in the right state of mind to achieve your destiny and bring peace to the world.

The Labyrinth

70 minutes | Hard

You and your friends were casually strolling along in Greece when you fell into an open sewer gate, and get locked into what appears to be Ancient Ruins. You hear a bellow behind you, and you slowly figure out you are trapped inside the Minotaur's labyrinth. Can you escape in time, or will you be eaten by the beast like the sacrifices of Athens once were?

Bank Heist

45 minutes | Medium

Congratulations, you have been given a contract that is anything but ordinary. You must rob a bank, but you do not know who or what you are robbing. Your employer assures you that all the clues are inside of the bank and if you just try hard enough you will be able to make it to the end and grab whatever is waiting for you.


60 minutes | Hard

You have been invited by Scotland Yard to assist them in their very first, social distanced murder investigation. It is crucial that you are able to solve this murder because time is of the essence. You are investigating the death of a prominent researcher armed along with some notes, his computer, and a list of suspects. Good luck!